Second Star is a sci-fi, single-player adventure role-playing game! Set 200 years in the future, you are the science officer on the Persistence. The mission: to find and rescue a spaceship that's been missing for ten years -- the Second Star. Follow their footsteps on strange and beautiful alien worlds and navigate complex and personal relationships with your fellow crew members. Learning what happened is key in how the story unravels. . . and the outcome is in your hands.


Second Star development began with early conceptualizing in mid-2018. In 2019, we formed Dyscordion with a very clear mission - to create a single player experience with an engaging story, striking aesthetics, and diverse characters for players to explore and interact with.

Second Star is in active development and we post updates often!


  • Explore varied and immersive environments in a single player, first person adventure featuring captivating visuals and an enchanting musical score. Use your creativity to problem-solve as you navigate physical and mental challenges in your search for the Second Star.
  • Choose from one of four protagonist voices and interact with a fully-voiced cast of characters in a narrative-driven experience where your decisions have repercussions.
  • You're a long way from home. To survive the pressures of a deep space mission, you'll need to form strong relationships with your crewmates. Interact with characters who are diverse and multi-faceted.
  • Craft upgrades for your ship and suit using blueprints discovered on planets or given to you by your crew mates.
  • Collect, sow, and experiment with alien flora in your lab’s terrarium.


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Second Star Gameplay Videos

The following are from a demo version of the game and are all in-engine. Footage may not reflect final game.

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We're happy to share some of Second Star's OST.

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